Homework Policy


Board Policy No. 6013: HOMEWORK

A. Homework is to be a valuable extension of the instructional day for students and should be given by teachers insofar as possible and appropriate.

B. Homework should reinforce, extend, enrich, or strengthen the skills being acquired through the daily instructional program.

C. Homework must be carefully selected by the teacher, must relate to stated goals and skills, be directed toward instructional activity which cannot be accomplished in the classroom, and must be evaluated, and be promptly reviewed and returned to the student with feedback.

D. Teachers shall make reasonable efforts to keep parents informed.

E. Daily targeted totals for assigned homework are::

Kindergarten          20 minutes per week

Grade 1                    10 minutes per day

Grade 2                    20 minutes per day

Grade 3                    30 minutes per day

Grade 4                    40 minutes per day

Grade 5                    50 minutes per day

Allowances should be made in the assigning of homework time. Longer or shorter assignments are appropriate at times, depending upon the degree of difficulty and/or the progress the class is making completing the course of study. Alternative approaches or adjusted minutes of homework may also be appropriate for some students.

Date Policy Adopted By The Board: September 10, 2002

Date Policy Revised By The Board: May 13, 2008

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