School Accountability Reports
Welcome to the School Accountability Reports section of the El Morro Elementary School website. Here, you can find archives of School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs), Support Personnel Accountability Report Cards (SPARCs).
School Accountability Report Card (SARC)
School Accountability Report Cards are reports on the individual performance of all schools within the Laguna Beach Unified School District by our hired consultant: Documents Tracking. Within these reports, you'll find statistics on student enrollment and suspension/expulsion rates, class sizes, school expenditures, salaries for teachers, staff and administrators, teacher credentials, teacher misassignments and vacant positions, and teacher compliance of federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) academic standards.
You'll also find what programs in the school were federally funded, the School Site Safety Plan, information on school facilities and results of the most recent school site inspection, professional development of staff, information on curriculum, instructional materials and what textbooks are currently being utilized, California Physical Fitness Test results, California State Testing (CST) proficiency statistics for all students, whether or not the school meets Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) criteria, Program Improvement (PI) status, and Academic Performance Index (API) ranking and changes.
Support Personnel Accountability Report Card (SPARC)
Support Personnel Accountability Report Cards are reports on a school's Support Personnel Team written by Irene White, Director of Special Education for the District. These reports include comments made by the Principal and a list of Student Support Personnel including job titles, educational degrees and how many years of work experience each individual has. The reports also account for school climate and safety, results on student performance, details on how students are measured and major achievements for Support Personnel.
Included on the reports are opportunities for parents to keep informed on the school and upcoming activities, how parents can volunteer and become more involved with the school, partnerships and collaborations with businesses that focus on academic, career and social domains, and the focus on how the school can improve its services for future school years.
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