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Welcome to Laguna Beach Unified School District’s

Re-Registration Portal!

Our district enjoys an outstanding reputation among students, parents, and the community at large for being an incredible place for students to learn and grow. With a long-standing commitment to continuous improvement, LBUSD teachers and site leaders work collaboratively with the common focus and shared goal of improving student learning.

Before you start: 

·        Please read all information below before beginning!

·         This portal is designed exclusively for parents of current LBUSD students who will be continuing their education in LBUSD again this year. This process will allow parents to: verify important student data, verify/update contact information, confirm receipt and understanding of critical information and policies, etc.  

·         This portal is NOT for new student registration (i.e. not for those students who have just moved into the LBUSD district). New students must establish district residency and enroll in person at the administration office of each school site.

·         All parents of returning LBUSD students should have received a letter from the student’s school about the “Re-Registration Packet” and process. Have the letter handy since it contains important login information.

Next steps:

·         When you begin, you will first be asked to create an account by clicking on “Create New Account” and using the student ID and login information contained in the letter you received from your student’s school.

·         Then simply follow the directions on each screen to verify, and/or update all student data base information, parent contact information, etc.

·         Don’t forget to “save” all information that you change, add or delete.

·         Next, read all attachments contained in the DOCUMENTS TAB.

·         There is no “signature” page required. However, you must visit each tab before your re-registration process is complete, and an electronic signature will then be recorded.

Ready to start??

·         Once you have reviewed all of the information above, click HERE to begin the process.

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