Orange County’s young children need safe, supportive and nurturing environments healthy and ready to succeed in life.  The Children and Families Commission of Orange County supports an ever-growing number of programs and organizations so that all children are healthy and ready to learn when they enter school.  Our mission is to provide leadership, funding, and support for programs that achieve the vision that all children are healthy and ready to succeed when they enter school.  

Our School Readiness Team is comprised of our Early Learning Specialist and School Readiness Nurse.  This team is here to provide parents with support and ensure that their children from birth to five years of age are developing appropriately.  If referral services are needed, our staff will guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have.  Our goals are to foster healthy children, early learning, strong families, and quality services.  Please visit the parent section of our Forms Page or FAQ Page to access current School Readiness referral and participation forms. 


Sandee Bandettini

Sandra Bandettini

Early Learning Specialist

Kathleen Knott

School Readiness Nurse


550 Blumont St. 
Laguna Beach, CA 92651 
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