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District Goals


Each student gains the knowledge, experience, world perspectives, and skills needed to become a lifelong learner and producer in a competitive and interconnected world.


We take ownership of each child's learning in our schools, accepting no limits on potential.


Continuous Improvement
Every Student, Every Day
Relationship Matter

Strategic Goals

Student Achievement
All students will demonstrate academic growth across content areas.

School Culture
Each student will strengthen connections to the school, community, and the world by engaging in activities that build skills and responsibility.

Learning Environment
Safe, attractive, clean, and well-equipped learning environments will be provided for each student.

The District will recruit, hire, train, and retain high performing staff.

Fiscal Responsibility
The District will maintain fiscal solvency and transparency to ensure support of student learning.

Core Values

We hold ourselves responsible for consistently maintaining a clear focus on our mission, which frames the behavior of our students, staff, parents, community, and Board of Education.

We are committed to a focus on student learning through collaboration, reflection, and openness to change, which results in the highest levels of excellence.

We equitably meet the needs of all students through systems, structures, and opportunities that promote success.

We treat everyone with dignity and respect, seeking to understand each point of view without making assumptions.

We are transparent in all operations of the District, demonstrating ethics through open and honest practices.