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Advocates for people from underrepresented or marginalized groups. An ally takes action to support people outside of their own group.

An anti-racist is someone who is supporting an antiracist policy through their actions or expressing antiracist ideas. This includes the expression of ideas that racial groups are equals and do not need developing, and supporting policies that reduce racial inequity.
SOURCE: Ibram X. Kendi, How To Be An Antiracist, Random House, 2019.

Educational Equity
Educational equity means raising the achievement of all students while (1) narrowing the gaps between the lowest and highest performing students and (2) eliminating the racial predictability and disproportionality of which student groups occupy the highest and lowest achievement categories (from the PPS Racial Equity Policy narrative).

Treating everyone the same way, often while assuming that everyone also starts out on equal footing or with the same opportunities.

Noun: Working toward fair outcomes for people or groups by treating them in ways that address their unique advantages or barriers.

Any and all differences between and among people.

The action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure. Inclusion involves authentic
and empowered participation and a true sense of belonging.

Unconscious Bias
An implicit association, whether about people, places, or situations, which are often based on mistaken, inaccurate, or incomplete information and include the personal histories we bring to the situation.