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Education Elements Overview

Education Elements believes that Educational Equity is the recognition that the barriers that marginalized students face are due to deliberate actions and biases, and therefore requires us to dedicate a greater amount of resources to remove them. With districts and schools in the process of rethinking systems and approaches due to challenges presented by COVID-19,  now is the time to confront inequity and make substantial changes. We believe that as you make changes and design new systems, you must explicitly design with equity at the center.

Inequity is a product of design that can be redesigned but accounts for human factors including psychological bias, implicit bias, power, privilege and internalized and institutional racism. Reckoning with the historical context of racism and injustice allows us to deeply understand the root cause of the challenges we face today: 

Graphic showing racism's impact on Society, Education, and Systems in Schools


We recommend that our work together include three components of our methodology for the inventory process:

  • Connect - We must deeply understand an inequity problem through community engagement and building historical context. This informs the ability to include the voices of groups and individuals that may not have been heard before.
  • Include - We encourage involving stakeholders in decision-making and problem-solving in order to generate ideas for redesigning the prioritized structures.
  • Create - The goal is to create prototypes that address a core problem with stakeholders through design and ultimately identify prototypes that are ready for wider implementation, a clear theory of actions, and measures for success.