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Learner Profile

LB District Learner Profile graphic with key attributes and educational approaches

The Learner Profile is a comprehensive framework developed by the Laguna Beach Unified School District, focusing on shaping students into engaged, productive citizens. This initiative, born from two and a half years of discussions with educators, parents, community members, and students, defines key student outcomes beyond academic achievements. It emphasizes the importance of creating meaningful learning experiences centered around the students, aiming not just at academic success but at nurturing individuals who contribute positively to society.

Our students are taught how to thrive. We ensure that every student masters the skills needed for success. They learn the importance of teamwork, how to tackle challenges, empathy, creativity, problem-solving, and more. These are the guiding principles that prepare our students to take on the world. This is our Framework for the Future.

The outer circle represents the four core learning experiences we use to educate our students.


Learning is co-constructed based on each learner’s unique strengths, skills, interests, and needs.


Learning is driven by evidence-based instruction, assessment, and feedback cycle based on progress toward desired knowledge, skills, and dispositions.


Meaningful, relevant learning grounded in real-world challenges and applications for authentic audiences.

Equitable and Inclusive

Learning communities are collaborative and culturally relevant, where every learner feels they belong and can tap into their full potential, contributing to the collective success of their community.



The inner wave highlights the five key outcomes cultivated through our four core learning experiences, representing the values and skills students develop.

Puzzle pieces that serve as the LBUSD Learner Profile symbol for %22constructive collaborator%22

Constructive Collaborator

Students listen and contribute ideas, perspectives, and experiences to cultivate a learning community with shared trust and accountability.

Steam with leaves representing an %22empowered learner%22 in the LBUSD Learner Profile

Empowered Learner

Students maximize potential by setting goals, leading with purpose, embracing challenges, and being resilient.

Light bulb with setting gears inside representing the %22Creative Problem Solver%22 in LBUSD's Learner Profile

Creative Problem Solver

Students approach learning opportunities with curiosity, creativity, and innovative solutions.

Two hands holding to form a hand symbolizing an %22Empathetic Citizen%22 in LBUSD's Learner Profile

Empathetic Citizen

Students make a positive impact on the local and global community by modeling personal, civic, social, and global responsibility.

Two speech bubbles representing an %22effective communicator%22 in LBUSD's Learner Profile

Effective Communicator

Students actively listen, strive to understand others, and seek to be understood.