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Expanded Learning

LBUSD Expanded Learning Opportunities Program Plan

As part of the 2021–22 Budget Act and Assembly Bill (AB) 130, as amended by AB 167, additional funding will be provided to LEAs annually, per student, for afterschool and summer enrichment programs for transitional kindergarten through sixth-grade students. The per pupil additional funding is for unduplicated student groups, under the State’s definition of students who are from socio-economically disadvantaged homes, students who are English Learners, foster youth, and students experiencing homelessness. 

This mandated state program that includes a required plan template. This ELO-P plan is included in the June 23 Board meeting agenda. Per state requirements, all expanded learning programs are to be aligned with the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California, which are addressed within the Laguna Beach Unified Expanded Learning Opportunities Program Plan. The ELO-P plan is in alignment with the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning under the California Department of Education After School Division, and in accordance with the After School Education and Safety (ASES) program and the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Plan. The ELO-P plan is developed as a three-year plan and will be revisited annually by staff to ensure the program design continues to align with the needs of LBUSD students. 

Within the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELO-P), “Expanded learning” means before school, after school, summer, or intersession learning programs that focus on developing the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs and interests of students through hands-on, engaging learning experiences. It is the intent of the Legislature that expanded learning programs are pupil-centered, results-driven, include community partners, and complement, but do not replicate, learning activities during the regular school day and school year.

The Laguna Beach Unified Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELO-P), will be offered in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club (BGC) of Laguna Beach. The BGC is an integral part of the Laguna Beach community and has worked collaboratively with the district for many years to provide engaging, high-quality programming to area youth in a positive and safe environment. Participating students will be transported via bus from Top of World and El Morro Elementary Schools, as well as Thurston Middle School, to the BGC facility located in Laguna Canyon. 

In accordance with state Expanded Learning Opportunities Program requirements, students will have access to nine hours a day of programming when combined with in-person instructional time on all school days, and nine hours a day of programming during 30 intersession days/school break periods. Eligible students will have the opportunity to participate in ELO-P activities during all instructional days, between after-school dismissal time through 6:00 pm. During summer break (20 days), winter break (5 days), and spring break (5 days), students will have the opportunity to attend ELO-P sessions with the BGC for nine hours per day.  All program fees will be paid by the District for any “unduplicated” student. It is anticipated that LBUSD will serve approximately 100 pupils from unduplicated student groups in the 2022-23 ELO-P, based on current District enrollment numbers and current Boys and Girls Club membership.

Expanded Learning Opportunities Plan (ELO-P)

LBUSD Expanded Learning Program Information Flyer


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