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Textbook Adoptions

The Laguna Beach Unified School District desires that instructional materials, as a whole, present a broad spectrum of knowledge and viewpoints, reflect society's diversity, and enhance the use of multiple teaching strategies and technologies. Instructional materials are adopted based on a determination that such materials are an effective learning resource to help students achieve grade-level competency and that the materials meet criteria specified in law. Textbooks, technology-based materials, and other educational materials shall be aligned with academic content standards and the district's curriculum to ensure that they effectively support the district's adopted courses of study.

Instructional materials for use in grades K-8 have been approved by the State Board of Education (SBE) or have otherwise been determined to be aligned with the state academic content standards adopted pursuant to Education Code 60605 or the Common Core Standards adopted pursuant to Education Code 60605.8. Instructional materials for grades 9-12 meet the criteria specified in law and administrative regulation.

The priority in the selection of instructional materials is to ensure that all students are provided with standards-aligned instructional materials in the core curriculum areas of English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and History/Social Science.

Selected instructional materials are piloted by classroom teachers. Once the decision is made to formally adopt materials, teachers present the selection to the District Curriculum Council. The Curriculum Council is composed of principals, district office administrators, teachers, and representative School Board members. The Curriculum Council makes the determination whether materials will be submitted to the Board for final approval. During this time, materials are on display for parent and community member viewing at the LBUSD District office.