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Nutrition Services is excited and proud to be of service to all students, staff, and families of Laguna Beach Unified School District.  We are committed to providing healthy meals that students enjoy and parents feel good about.  We are hopeful that all students will enjoy fresh prepared food that is healthy and flavorful.  

For the past several years, we have been bringing in new recipes that feature more whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, our produce offerings have doubled in portion, size, and variety.  We feature many different types of fresh fruits and vegetables at our salad bars which give students many choices daily.  Other positive changes include reducing sodium content of foods and providing healthy a la carte choices.  Our newest addition is Z Pizza on our elementary menu.

Please feel free to contact Nutrition Services if you have any questions.  We feel great about the many food options available for our students.  Laguna Beach students deserve the best!

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Doug Bowman

Doug Bowman

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