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Thinking of Moving In?

District Policy generally limits enrollment to only students who actually live with their parent or legal guardian within the district on a permanent basis and as a primary residence.

Parents/Guardians interested in learning more about Special Education programs within the Laguna Beach Unified School District should contact the SELPA office at (949) 580-3411. The SELPA staff will explain the process when a student moves from one district to another. Please be prepared to fax a copy of your child’s most current IEP as well as a copy of your child’s last Psycho-educational Assessment report. For High School students, an updated copy of your child’s transcript will be required. The District your child last attended will be able to provide the requested information should you not have a copies in your possession.

Following completion of the district required residency verification, which can be obtained through the Enrollment page or at any district school, as well as receipt of your child’s current IEP and Psycho-Educational Assessment, district staff will contact you to provide you with an Interim Placement Agreement Form.