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The District is recognized for the quality of leadership at the Board, administration, and school level. Our school board members are truly committed to public education. They provide the District with the tight focus and oversight needed to ensure that we serve our students well, with an emphasis on the whole child. Our principals work closely with our teachers and staff members to set high goals and work diligently to accomplish those goals.

In Laguna Beach Unified School District, we are incredibly fortunate to have strong community support from the PTA, SchoolPower and the SchoolPower Foundation. Their continued support and investment of time, funds, and energy, have contributed to a truly exceptional learning environment for our students, who are able to choose among a wide array of activities and learning experiences. Together, we provide a sterling education for our students, who are the future leaders of our country and our world. I am confident their experience here in the Laguna Beach schools will launch them into a successful future.

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Jason Viloria Ed.D.

Jason Viloria Ed.D.

Victoria Webber

Victoria Webber

Executive Assistant

Superintendent's News

As we look ahead to the 2021-2022 school year, I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all of our families, students, staff, and community members who united together through the pandemic to reimagine teaching and learning in LBUSD. I am pleased to share the Power of Laguna Beach Unified has never been stronger.

Our team recharged to enter Fall 2020 head-on with a positive mindset and focus on the significance of mental health. Fostering deep relationships between our staff, teachers, and students has always been at the forefront of LBUSD, and supporting our students’ mental health through communication and available resources has been a key element in the success of this school year.

While we had to navigate through uncharted waters this year, we discovered the importance of reimagining what teaching and learning looked like at Laguna Beach Unified. Our staff came together to implement new learning techniques to support all students. Our community and staff played integral roles in the success of our students to help keep them engaged and connected and allowing them to thrive in a time when it would have been easy to give up. The resiliency I have seen among our district is incredible, and I couldn’t be more proud.

This upcoming school year will have a renewed energy surrounding equity and the importance of accessibility for all students across LBUSD. While the road may have been bumpy at times, our passion for ensuring ALL students gain the knowledge, experience, world perspectives, and skills needed to become a lifelong learner and producer in a competitive and interconnected world has never waivered.


Jason Viloria, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools
Laguna Beach Unified School District