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Wireless Network

All LBUSD employees and personal student devices will use the "LBUSD" wireless network and all guests from outside will be required to use the "LBUSD-Guest" wireless network. The "LBUSD Guest" network is not meant for LBUSD employees or students. This network is meant for outside presenters, parents, and community members who come to our campuses and have a need to get connected.

For device specific instructions, please use the appropriate link below:

Macbook Pro/Air



iOS Devices

Students and employees using the "LBUSD" wireless network will be required to install a certificate on their device in order to access the Internet. Please choose the appropriate link for your device:

iOS (iPhones and iPads)


OS X (Apple Mac Computers)

PC (Windows)

*On Windows, the certificate is specific to the web browser. Chrome is the most compatible browser for LBUSD. We recommend using Chrome exclusively at school.


What does the certificate do?

It allows us to inspect and filter traffic on the district network. It has no affect on your device once you leave campus.

What if the certificate is not installed?

he device will have extremely limited internet access. Sites such as will not be accessible.

What if I run into trouble?

Please report issues to your teacher. Someone from Tech Services will visit your classroom and assist.

What if I do not have privileges on my device?

Administrative access to your device is required for the installation. If the student's account is limited, the parent or guardian must login with an account that has the appropriate privileges. Tech Services can not help you elevate permissions.

What if my device was provided by LBUSD?

No action is required for district-owned devices.

Why do we need to have a SSL certificate?
The U.S. Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires that all Districts block or filter Internet access to pictures that are obscene to be compliant with the CIPA. This prevents users from accessing child pornography or other photos that are harmful to minors. The internet is moving toward encrypted traffic and the District needs a certificate to filter encrypted traffic. Google is now using SSL in all searches to comply with this law.

Are you required to bring your own device to school?
No, you are not required to bring your device to school. The school will provide you with a District-owned device if you do decide not to bring in your own.

Does the SSL Certificate look at the students hard drive?
No, the certificate does not provide the ability to access data on your device. It looks at the traffic passing through the District network.

Are there known problems with the SSL Certificate?
No, we have not had any problems with the SSL Certificate impacting the device. Since 2012, Securely has been a trusted provider of internet security by protecting millions of students in K-12.

What will be the result if I continue to use my own device, but do not download the SSL certificate?
You would not be able to access the majority SSL sites.

Do I have to install the SSL Certificate?
No, you are free to obtain a District-owned device instead.

Do we need to do this for our phones as well to continue to access the LBUSD Network and LBUSD pipe to the Internet?
Yes. In order to access the LBUSD pipe to the internet through District network you will need to download the SSL certificate.

What does the District Acceptable Use Policy say about privacy on the District network?
“Since the use of District technology is intended for educational purposes, students shall not have any expectation of privacy in any use of District technology*. The District reserves the right to monitor and record all use of District technology, including, but not limited to, access to the Internet or social media, communications sent or received from District technology, or other uses. Such monitoring/recording may occur at any time without prior notice for any legal purposes including, but not limited to, record retention and distribution and/or investigation of improper, illegal, or prohibited activity. Students should be aware that, in most instances, their use of District technology (such as web searches and emails) cannot be erased or deleted. All passwords created for or used on any District technology are the sole property of the District. The creation or use of a password by a student on District technology does not create a reasonable expectation of privacy.

*District technology includes, but is not limited to, computers, the District's computer network including servers and wireless computer networking technology (Wi-Fi), the Internet, email, USB drives, wireless access points (routers), tablet computers, smart phones and smart devices, telephones, cellular telephones, personal digital assistants, pagers, MP3 players, wearable technology, any wireless communication device including emergency radios, and/or future technological innovations, whether accessed on or off site or through District-owned or personally owned equipment or devices.”

Is the SSL certificate only required for students?
No. This requirement applies to any device on our network, including devices used by staff and administration.

Does this SSL certificate work outside of the LBUSD network?
The SSL certificate will not be in use outside of the District network. Personal devices will not be filtered outside of the district. District provided devices will be filtered off campus.