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Public Safety Power Shutoff

What is it...
In the event of potential extreme or dangerous weather conditions, Southern California Edison may implement an operational practice to preemptively shut off power in high fire risk areas.

How long can it last...
A power shutoff event can last as long as the weather condition exists, along with additional time for Southern California Edison to inspect/repair equipment in the affected areas.

How will this impact schools...
The safety of our students is a top priority. If power is confirmed by Southern California to be shut off prior to the start of the school day, the school will be closed for the duration of the outage.

How are parents/guardians notified...
We will notify all parents via email using ParentSquare as soon as possible. ParentSquare messages are sent to the parent/guardian or primary caregiver email listed in Aeries. ParentSquare notifications can also be received as text messages or push notifications via the app. Download the free ParentSquare app for iOS or Android.

Additional resources and information, including alerts, can be found at Prepare for Power Down