What does professional learning look like for teachers? Traditionally it is “sit and get” with a dose of  “hit and miss”.  The countdown has begun to launch a new way of thinking.  It is time to reimagine what professional learning should look like.  Could teacher professional learning:

  • Build leadership
  • Promote choice
  • Utilize coaches and mentors
  • Emphasize reflection
  • Celebrate the art & the science of teaching
More importantly than all of these things, could professional learning create world change?  Can we design a program that creates a culture of real-world problem solving?  The answer is yes and the path it will take to get there is revolutionary in its simplicity.  We simply pay teachers to solve real world problems with their students. One effective path to get there is the pathway of micro-credentials.   We’ve developed 5 micro-credentials that align with technology, universal design for learning, and the Buck Institute's Project Based Learning methodology.  These credentials take teachers approximately 15 hours to complete and focus on evidence teachers would produce with their class.  Teachers are paid only when they demonstrate evidence that is required to complete that micro-credential. This is not a hoop to jump is something that will contribute to their overall project.  There will be a need to meet, collaborate, and learn along the way to the ultimate goal. 

Micro Credentials

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 2.50.25 PM.png

The last micro-credential is called the World Changer.  Teachers and students will produce a video that demonstrates how they attempted to change the world, and each micro-credential will get them one step closer to the world changer.  For example, one of the first things to analyze when you are attempting to solve a real world problem is what resources you have.  So instead of teaching teachers how to use Google Forms and hoping they use it with their class, we will have teachers use Google Forms to collect all of the passions and abilities of their students that will be fuel to solve problems.   

Coaches will play a key role in assisting teachers with improving teaching and progressing to their goal.  Each teacher will have two observations; one with a VR camera, so the coach and the teacher can look around the room at the students when the lesson is being taught.  The other observation will be in person.

We have sought out teaching gurus from outside the school district that are experts in integrating technology and learning, who will help inspire and fuel innovation in our District.  These gurus will check in with our teachers through Google Hangouts to listen, lead, and advise our teachers.

What about Gamifcation?

Teachers can earn rocket fuel “money” for their class by completing levels and challenges.  This money could be applied to a variety of different resources to help you complete your project:

  • Available Level 1: RAID THE WAREHOUSE (Equipment/Supplies/Software)
  • Available Level 1: ENGINEER (Technology Support)
  • Available Level 1: BOOTCAMP (Group Training by LBUSD Staff)
  • Unlocked Level 2: ROBOT YOU (A Substitute Teacher)
  • Unlocked Level 3: SCIENTIST (Experts/Guest Speakers)
  • Unlocked Level 4: FIELD INSPECTION (Field Trips)

Power Ups (earn more money)

  • Cross-Curricular - Work with another teacher or several teachers to create a cross-curricular or grade-span project
  • Global Awareness - Work together with another school in another country to solve your problem
  • U.S. Collaboration - Collaborate with teachers outside the district or state on a cross-curricular project

The culmination of the project is a celebration.   Each teacher will show the video they produced and will earn the top of their rocket capsule.   This is a time to celebrate and respect the art and the science of teaching.  We imagine what that conversation might look like between a teacher and her Mom on facebook: 

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 2.44.56 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-06-23 at 2.45.07 PM.png



T minus 10 seconds…


It is is time to launch all of our students and teachers into the messy, exhilarating, and memorable job of changing the world.  


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