The Effect of New Concussion Testing Methods on High School Athletes

By Madi Garwal

In this research paper I will be finding the effects and advantages of having new concussion testing technology on high school athletes. I will be using new concussion diagnosing technology to see if there are advantages to having a non-biased and quicker way to diagnose concussions in high school athletes. I will be trying to find if using this new test that uses eye-tracking effectively diagnoses concussions and if it works better than the current concussion testing and diagnosis process at my high school.

Does Increased School Funding Necessarily Affect Student Performance?

By Nathan Solomon

While modern American society has suggested to simply throw money at low performing schools, the country’s education system continues to remain in shambles as the educational disparity gap remains. The research conducted attempts to understand if the government's practices of issuing school grants has any effects on student outcomes and performances. The research project shall be carried out with the following strategy: 3 California districts given varying amounts of government-granted funding will be compared. Factors such as socioeconomic status, majority ethnicity, average household income, etc shall be controlled.

Factors that Prohibit Teacher-Student Relationships from Forming

By Grace Peterson

Studying the factors that prohibit teacher-student relationships from forming will greatly help educators and students understand what causes these bonds and what good comes from them. It is evident that students excel when they have a professional relationship with a teacher, but there are so many different things that prohibit these relationships to form. Many students say that a teacher-student relationship changes the student’s life forever, so the things that are stopping this must be significant. Researching the running thread between academic success and a friendship with a teacher is something that provides limitless information.

Effects of Rehabilitation Efforts on Recidivism Rates in Prisons

By Abigail Amish and Julia Henry

Different types of prisons use many types of rehabilitation efforts for their prisoners. For example, private prisons are known for putting prisoners to work for below-minimum wage, and high-security prisons are less likely to have any sort of distinct rehabilitation efforts. Educational efforts and healthy living conditions in prisons have been shown to lower recidivism rates in low-security prisons, but this data could also be attributed to the lesser crimes committed by those prisoners. 

Government Vs. Non-Profit Approaches to Homelessness

By Angelica Jorio

The research focuses on government operated homeless shelters versus non-profit operated homeless shelter. The city of Laguna Beach has had the first and longest city-run homeless shelter in Orange County, as well as a homeless shelter operated by Friendship Shelter NGO. Other cities in Orange County have shied away from the city or county operated homeless shelters because of high costs of running them. In substitution, cities leave it up to Nonprofits to help alleviate the problem. In some scenarios, non addressing the problem at all, dumbing their homeless in neighbouring cities. My research centers around the two types of homeless shelters, and, as a control, how cities without any type of alternative sleeping location have addressed homelessness.

Culture's Effect on Anxiety and Depression in America

By Rose Gibson

What are the most significant stressors for these communities, and how are depression and anxiety treated within these minority groups? This research articles goal is to focus on cultural groups White, Native, Black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans and find out the biggest mental influences on anxiety and depression; how prevalent they are in these communities, what the biggest stressors are, the stigma behind them, and how they are treated. This will be done by collecting data through surveys data and by reaching out to Hispanic, Asian, and Black groups from different parts of America.

Why Are Veterinarians More Depressed Than The General Population?

By Clara Becker

Veterinarians are at an increased risk for depression, veterinary offices are similar to an emergency rooms with the constant up and down of incoming patients. This experiment aims to prove that because of the extreme highs and lows of veterinary practices it puts the doctors at a higher risk of depression compared to the average citizen. To prove this the Vets will record how the feel after every visit on a one to five scale and also state the type of visit it was. The data will then prove that vets are at increased risk of depression because of the constant change of the severity of the animals being treated.

How PRP Can Prevent The Complications of Hypertrophic Scarring

By Jai-Lin Garrett

This paper discusses how platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) can be used on surgery sites to speed up the healing process and prevent hypertrophic scarring. The goal is to incorporate PRP therapy in the surgeon’s routine in the OR and while the patient recovers. With the use of previously done clinical trials, PRP is proven to provide a simple minimally invasive and inexpensive procedure to promote healthy tissue growth. In this study, the effects of PRP therapy on specifically on the efficacy of healthy tissue growth and hypertrophic scar prevention will be collected and analyzed. 

How Data Collection Can Help Students Create College Portfolios

By Cole Normandin Parker

The goal is to study where students apply each year, take the data and show the ranking of each college and how many students apply each year from each school. Also, add in common data and different schools to show how there are many schools to apply to, other than for example the UCs and Ivy Leagues. 

How Gaming Headsets Save Lives

By Alex Coulolias

This paper articulates the ways in which the new coming of age virtual reality headsets are helping labourers working in factories or distribution centers are using virtual reality to learn how to operate machines. Through the use of devices such as the Oculus Rift, companies are now able to create a safer and faster work environment for the employees. By having workers train on machine simulations, stimulated through the use of virtual reality, companies are able to train their employees, and keep the cost of doing it low.

The Effects of Management Styles on Profits of Different Businesses

By Trent Ralston

The management styles used by different business most directly affects the employees work ethic in good ways and bad ways. To begin, there are hundreds of different management styles that result in a happy or unhappy employee. This paper will discuss the ways that managers treat their employees and how it most directly results in profits.

What Makes a Successful Rebrand of A Youth-Centered Fashion Company?

By Izzy Saunders

During my work I plan on looking into the rebranding of a fashion company. My mentor, Iva Pawling will be showing me around the different teams in Richer Poorer and I will analyze and collect data from them. Mostly, this data will be based off the rebrand of the company. Listening in on meetings and collecting data on those will let me determine the successes and failures of a fashion rebrand. Seeing how those tactics come to form a well known and popular company. These results could evidently help fashion companies around the world with their rebrands and gain inspiration from these examples and process.

Online Platform Enabling Easy Access to Curated Outfit Designs

By Aoun Dabbas

Fashion has been developing and trending massively over the years which makes sense since it is the clothing that keeps one appropriate and protected. The vast industry of fashion made me realize that its importance on every individual is what makes it crucial to improve it in certain ways. I want to democratize fashion and revolutionize the whole procedure of clothing purchases.  My plan is to tackle and improve this field of fashion; by creating an online platform that provides a unique system which enables easier accessibility to purchase desired clothing presented on the platform. I want to make “having good style” an easy task by making fashion choices and outfits more accessible to the ones who believe fashion and style is only possible with high end brands. 

How Beach Hotels Compete with New Hospitality Platforms Like AirBnB

By Gabrielle Denny

As Airbnb continues to affect the amount of customers that choose beach resorts and hotels, the unanswered question still remains: What are they doing different that is making them so successful to the point where customers choose Airbnb over beach resorts? This project lays out the reasons for the rise of the Airbnb platform, the opinions of real customers and their preferences, and the ways beach resorts and hotels can alter their environment and personalities to further attract customers. Through surveying, interviews, and research collecting, this project seeks to answer the major questions.

How Businesses Launch and Grow Differently in the US and China

By Luke Teeple

This paper compares and contrasts how businesses grow and develop differently in the US and China. The primary lens will be from a purely economist-based perspective; however, when necessary cultural and political perspectives will be discussed to add background and/or when relevant. The focus of this paper will be on two companies and how these companies have grown and developed differently as a result of the economic systems present in the US and China. This paper will also discuss how these companies are reacting to the trade war.

Stopping The Breakdown of Plastics into Microplastics

By Luke Gold-Sine and Weston Judd

This paper will explore the increasing problem of plastic waste in our oceans. More specifically, the process of how plastics break down in the ocean. Our research will attempt to provide a solution to prevent plastics from breaking down into microplastics. Microplastics should be considered a primary concern as they are harmful to zooplankton -- organisms that are necessary for a healthy food chain. Our research will include a controlled experiment involving plastic bags in several water tanks with various PH, salinity, and UV levels.

Can Electrokinetics Be Used to Destroy or Detect Microplastics?

By Kian Trengove

I will be experimenting with different kinds of electrokinetic phenomena to see the differences in reliability, fidelity, and feasibility to manipulate different microplastics using electrokinetics. For example, it is known that some microplastics will aggregate with other particles such as sand in the ocean, which can be at least moved using electrophoresis, but not on a large enough scale to be feasibly iplementable. The results of this research should also provide insight into the ability of electrokinetics to destroy or detect microplastics.

Where Does Macrocystis Pyrifera Grow Best in Laguna Beach?

By Henry Stewart

For my experiment, I plan on researching the California kelp forests. There are tide pools close to my house, so I have access to kelp that I can work with. I hope to implement an experiment where I record the density of kelp in different environmental factors such as depth, temperature, and sunlight and how it develops depending on where it is. I’ll watch how it grows, seeing where it flourishes and where it struggles to survive. I hope to learn what environment kelp thrives in in Laguna Beach.

Vested Interest of Large Companies' Effect on Clean Transportation

By Drew Fink

In the United States today, especially on the west coast, there is a dependence on private vehicles. Our nation does not focus on public transportation because we live in a society that institutionalized driving a car, and our infrastructure was built with the idea of cars. Large companies that are built on current fuel, oil, are trying to prevent research and development of clean energy. Their vested interest only looks out for their revenue, not the moral impact of emissions causing climate change. The issue that is presented is how can there be a progression of clean transportation energy while significant, very influential oil companies prevent forward progress.


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