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COVID-19 Reporting

The Laguna Beach Unified School District provides ongoing information to our community regarding COVID-19 cases while maintaining confidentiality for our students and staff. The COVID-19 case data below is updated regularly to indicate any currently confirmed COVID-19 positive case in staff members or students by school site. The data below shows currently confirmed cases, individuals in isolation due to COVID-19, or individuals in home quarantine due to close contact with an individual with COVID-19. Upon learning of an individual with a confirmed COVID-19 positive test, the District notifies all families at the school site via ParentSquare.  The District, in conjunction with the Orange County Health Care Agency, conducts contact tracing and directly notifies and provides resources for parents of students identified as close contacts (within 6 feet or less of the infected person for 15 or more minutes in a 24 hour period) or who are low risk contacts.

Current COVID-19 Positive Cases and Isolation/Quarantine Totals

Contact Tracing Process in the Event of Positive COVID-19 Cases

In the event there is a positive COVID-19 case identified, the school nurse, in partnership with the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA), will begin the contact tracing process. The school nurse will directly contact suspected close contacts via telephone or text, including parents of students and staff. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) define a close contact as an individual who was within 6 feet of an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period (CDC, retrieved August, 16, 2021).

In addition to the case investigation telephone call or text, student's parents or staff members who are considered close contacts will receive a letter that will include directions and other important resources. Students or staff identified as low risk will receive information on symptom monitoring and additional resources. There are multiple decision factors for quarantine due to vaccination status, mask wearing at time of exposure, location of exposure (e.g., school our outside of school). The school nurse will carefully review and guide the parents on the required quarantine, if applicable. 

On December 31, 2021, the OCHCA updated quarantine and isolation guidelines in alignment with the California Department of Public Health and the CDC. The district anticipates an updated student symptom decision tree the week of or before January 10th, 2022, and that information will be published here. The OCHCA Health Officer's Orders and Strong Recommendations, which is our updated standard of care around contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine, can be found here. 

Please continue to monitor your child or children daily for COVID-19 symptoms, including:

Student Symptoms (Orange County Health Care Agency)
Low-Risk: General Symptoms High-Risk: Red Flag Symptoms
Fever (greater/equal to 100.4ºF) Sore throat Cough
Congestion/runny nose Headache Difficulty breathing
Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea Fatigue/muscle or body aches Loss of taste/smell
*Any symptoms = Keep your child home from school and contact your school nurse as soon as possible

In addition to health and safety measures taken on campuses, we encourage families to be proactive and to reinforce the importance of vaccination for eligible individuals, wear surgical masks/KN95/N95 at all times while indoors, daily symptom monitoring, testing when symptomatic or advised to test, staying home from school when symptomatic, and handwashing to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Additionally, your quick reporting to your child's school nurse helps to reduce the risk of further outbreak and helps keep students in school.

More information about COVID-19 mitigation measures and other helpful resources can be found at the California Safe Schools for All Parents website.

Nurse Contact Information

  • Kelly Schultz, RN, MSN - Top of the World Elementary School, Thurston Middle School
  • Pam Majd, RN, MSN - El Morro Elementary School, Laguna Beach High School

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Appendices, Appendix A – Glossary of Key Terms. (2021, August 5). Retrieved August 16, 2021, from