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On June 9th (8th graders) and June 10th (6th & 7th graders), we will be hosting a drive-through “Check Out” event on campus in order to collect textbooks and borrowed musical instruments (only from students who are not continuing with the music program at Thurston OR at LBHS). We will also be distributing yearbooks, PE lockers items and promotion certificates and medals to our amazing 8th graders.

It is very important that each family helps ensure a safe, appropriately-distanced event, while understanding the significant logistical challenge such an undertaking presents. Please study the map above and arrive at the assigned time according to last name and grade level. And please be sure to obey all traffic patterns. We have worked in conjunction with LBPD to design this route, which has cars come up TEMPLE HILLS, across ALTA LAGUNA, and descend down PARK AVE to turn RIGHT into Thurston’s parking lot. No left turns into the parking lot will be permitted. When exiting the school parking lot, cars will only be allowed to turn RIGHT and go downhill on PARK AVE. Please be respectful of our neighbors by not blocking driveways as you line up along the street.

We will have an all-volunteer staff there to direct traffic and keep things moving through the different stations.I ask that you please respect the directions and requests of these staff members at all times.

It will be especially helpful if everyone in your car can be wearing a mask, and if you can have all items to be returned in your TRUNK (textbooks and instruments if returning) and to receive the items (yearbook, PE clothes and certificates) we will be distributing in a way that respects the current social distancing guidelines.