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February 1, 2024

Breaker Artist Spotlight, showcasing Laguna Beach High School's artistic talent

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. - Laguna Beach High School's thriving arts program is brimming with talented students across various mediums. To showcase these rising stars and foster connections within the local art community, Stu News is launching the Breaker Artist Spotlight, a monthly series highlighting a remarkable student artist.

Each month, we'll feature one standout student, exploring their artistic pursuits across a spectrum of disciplines, from traditional art and photography to multimedia and ceramics. 

Now, let's turn our attention to the first gem in our Breaker Artist Spotlight series: a senior Art Production II student whose talent knows no bounds – Hannah Tyus

A smiling student paints in an art production class amid artwork and peers.

“Being a stand-out art student involves a combination of skills, qualities, and habits. Hannah is in her third year of the Career Technical Education (CTE) Visual and Commercial Arts pathway at LBHS and displays characteristics that often contribute to her success in and out of school,” said Laguna Beach High School Art Teacher Shelley Juhl-O’Brien. “She brings creativity to her work while exploring new ideas and pushing boundaries. Hannah takes risks and puts in the time and commitment needed to hone in on her skills and learn new techniques. She is not afraid to explore different mediums and styles to expand her artistic horizons,” she concluded. 

Hannah, the spotlight is now on you!

What is your preferred medium or material of choice when creating your artwork?
Oil paint

What is your preferred subject matter? 

What is your favorite professional artist/master artist?
Enrico Robusti

Why do you want to study art?
I want to study art because I want to further my skills and expand my knowledge of creating. I have always loved to create whether it is art, sewing, jewelry, etc., so continuing to study art will allow me to continue to create.

Why are you interested in completing the CTE Visual/Commercial Arts Pathway?
I am interested in completing the pathway because I would love to gain career-based skills and be able to use the knowledge I gain in future endeavors like internships and jobs.

What are your post-secondary plans?
I plan to go to a 4-year university where I will study design.

Do you have a career in the arts that is of interest to you?
I don't know of one specific career, but anything that allows me to be creative and maybe design products or clothing.

If you are pursuing a career in the arts, what support would help you in your career planning?
Finding internships that I will benefit from and find interesting.

LBUSD extends an invitation to local community members to inspire the next generation. If you work in arts, media, or entertainment, we encourage you to share your journey and insights with students. Connect with Work-Based Learning Technician Staci Stangarone at to join us as a guest speaker in our school's career talks and play a vital role in shaping the aspirations of LBHS students.

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