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February 4, 2022


Laguna Beach Unified School District Launches New Anonymous Tip Reporting System


LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. - On Monday, February 7, 2022, Laguna Beach Unified School District will launch a new anonymous tip reporting system called WeTip2.0. This tip reporting service enables students, parents, staff, and community stakeholders to make anonymous (or non-anonymous if the reporter chooses this feature) tips to site safety team members to launch an investigation, provide support, intervene, and resolve school-related safety matters.

The WeTip2.0 service in LBUSD is called, "See Something, Say Something," and anonymous tips may be placed by:


  • Live Phone Tip Line: Dedicated LBUSD tip phone number where a trained live call center staff member takes tips in English or Spanish 24 hours per day, 365 days per year;


  • Text Line: The same LBUSD tip line can field tips that are initiated via text messaging and the reporting party is immediately provided a weblink to the online tip reporting platform with English or Spanish tip forms; tips placed outside of school hours are received by a trained WeTip staff member who triages the response level and connects the tip to the appropriate reporting agency.


  • Homepage website links on all four school sites and district office pages with the See Something, Say Something cloud-based reporting links and the WeTip LBUSD phone number; and


  • Scanning the QR code web link on the "See Something, Say Something" posters in multiple areas around each school campus and in classrooms for the 24/7 tip reporting system or the dedicated LBUSD tip phone number for voice or cloud-based forms submission.


“Creating an environment where students feel empowered to take actions that keep our campuses physically and emotionally safe is a top priority. This innovative and widely adopted tip reporting technology provides timely investigation and support for important school-related concerns,” said Dr. Chad Mabery, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction. 

Dr. Michael Keller, Director of Social Emotional Support said, “Our top priority is always student and staff safety. The new LBUSD WeTip See Something, Say Something campaign is one of many best-in-class safety strategies that LBUSD already implements across the district. We strongly encourage students and individuals who directly observe school-related safety issues, including threats, vandalism, bullying, or other misconduct to submit their concerns to the LBUSD WeTip reporting system so site safety teams can investigate, intervene, and support a resolution. The power of WeTip is in the default option for tip reporters to remain anonymous during the tip reporting process, which is now available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, to further encourage bystanders, witnesses, or victims to make actionable tip reports to improve school safety, culture, and climate.”

Laguna Beach Unified School District is committed to ensuring all students have a safe and nurturing environment to learn and thrive in. By launching WeTip2.0 and introducing an anonymous platform, LBUSD can provide students a safe space to report safety concerns and alleviate any anxieties or worries associated with reporting.