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How do your students destress and lessen anxieties during finals week?

Students at Laguna Beach High School choose to hang out with therapy dogs! LBHS PAWS in the QUAD club arranged for therapy dogs to come onto campus during lunch today. Oliver, Piper, and Cody from Animal Alliance/PAWS were in attendance to kick-start finals week and help our students relieve any stress they may be experiencing. The mission of PAWS in the QUAD club is to bring therapy animals on campus to help reduce student stress.

"PAWS in the QUAD has brought therapy dogs to LBHS during finals week since 2017," Club President Alexandra Keyser exclaimed. "Research shows that therapy animals lower stress and reduce feelings of isolation, something I think we all need before exams. If you've seen the adorable golden retriever, Oliver, or a giant boa constrictor, that's us!"

Today's activity was so important because petting and interacting with dogs can increase the levels of oxytocin, which helps reduce stress, and decrease the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. Thank you, Paws in the Quad for helping our students relax a little during finals week!

students with a therapy dog

Check out the photo album from today's event!