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Laguna Beach Unified School District recognizes and appreciates volunteer assistance in schools. Volunteers can significantly enrich the educational program and strengthen a school’s relationship with the community. The District encourages parents/guardians and other members of the community to share their time, knowledge, and abilities with students. The Board, in compliance with California Education Code 35021 and Board Policy 1240, requires school volunteers to be screened and authorized to volunteer.

A volunteer is a parent, community member, or another adult who assists at a school site or program on a regular or semi-regular basis before, during, or after school hours. There are two types of volunteers:

Tier I Volunteers (non-student contact and/or supervised volunteer)Examples: front office/copy volunteers, committee volunteers, and volunteers that work under the direct supervision of District Staff. Typically involves 5 hours or less per week.

Tier II Volunteers (student contact volunteer)Examples: coach, tutor, or other unsupervised school settings (i.e., chaperone or overnight school-sponsored trips, driver of students). Typically involves more than 5 hours per week.

Tier II Volunteers must obtain California Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprint submission and provide evidence they are free of Tuberculosis (TB) prior to volunteering. These requirements are in place given an abundance of caution for student safety and well-being. Once cleared, Tier II volunteers do not need to go through the fingerprint process again as long as their child and siblings are continuously enrolled in LBUSD.

New Tier II Volunteers

Please make sure you have the following documents, prior to completing the Volunteer Form:

  • TB test result or certificate. Your TB clearance is good for 4 years from the date of your TB test result or certificate. Please refer to the TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire
  • Photo ID (directions below)
  • Live Scan Fingerprint Clearance. Tier II Volunteers will need to obtain Live Scan fingerprint clearance at the District’s approved contractor, Secure Live Scan in Aliso Viejo. Please contact Kelli Merda at to obtain the Live Scan Volunteer Form.

Tier II Volunteer application

Photo ID Tips

  • Lighting: Look for a place/area that has good lighting. Your face should be seen clearly.
  • Background: A plain background is always best for ID photos. A wall that is painted in a neutral tone or a backdrop in white, beige, or light blue will result in the best photos. Stand roughly one foot in front of the wall/backdrop to avoid shadows.
  • Height: Adjust the camera height and angle as necessary so that your head and shoulders are framed in the photo. Please do not submit a selfie. An auto-timer is available on smartphones in the event that there is no one available to take your photo.

If you have questions about volunteering, please contact Human Resources at (949) 497-7700.

LBUSD Volunteer Handbook
First page of the PDF file: LBUSDVolunteerHandbook